Mr. Abila served on a US Department of State contract, to serve as team leader for the protective service detail to Ambassador Robert Frowick, Special Envoy for the Dayton Peace Accord & Head of Mission for the Organization for the Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Bosnia-Herzegovina. In his capacity he was part of the team responsible for the planning, coordinating and implementing of a security package that encompassed the personal security of the Ambassador his headquarters and residence. Mr. Abila received several letters of commendation from Ambassador Frowick and other entities involved for his role in stopping an attack on the motorcade carrying Ambassador Frowick, President Zubak and President Izetbegovic.

Mr. Abila has also served in the Republic of Haiti, performing duties as a member of the US Department of State’s, Presidential Security Advisory Unit (PSAU). He served as Assistant Detail Leader for the protection team assigned to protect Haitian President Rene Garcia Preval and former President Jean Betrand Aristide. He was also tasked with providing formal and on the job training for the Haitian Secret Service in areas such as close quarter combat skills, principles of protection, hand to hand combat, attack on vehicle and principle drills and physical training. In addition, Mr. Abila was selected to
be part of a three-man team assigned to develop and train an elite Counter Ambush Team (CAT) for the Haitian Secret Service motorcade.

Mr. Abila has also served in Bogotá, Colombia as an Instructor for the US Department of States Presidential Security Program. He served as a training officer tasked with formal training in Protective Services for the Colombian Minister of Defenses Team. Subjects were; Principles of Protection, Explosive sweeps, Advances, Defensive Tactics, Terrorist Operations, Walking Formations, Motorcade Operations, Counter-Terrorist Driving, Surveillance Detection, and was the range master of the firearms course.

Mr. Abila has been awarded Diplomate status with The American Board for Certification in Homeland Security (ABCHS) and is certified in Homeland Security Protection Associate (CHPA) at Level III, from the Global Society of Homeland & National Security Professionals organization. Mr. Abila currently sits on the Board for the Colorado Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).